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What happens if your car insurance company denies you coverage?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Car Accidents |

It’s easy for Florida residents to take their driving privileges for granted. This can include their car insurance. However, if a dispute arises, coverage can be denied.

Why do car insurance companies deny coverage?

Car insurance disputes might arise based on certain situations. If a person tries to renew their insurance and learns that the coverage has been denied, it’s fair to follow up with the insurance company. Usually, the insurer will include a reason behind the denial. Some of the most common reasons for denying insurance coverage include the following:

  • You’re a very young driver and considered high risk
  • You’ve gotten into too many at-fault accidents
  • You exceeded the limits of your insurance policy
  • You’ve made too many claims against your policy
  • You were arrested for DUI
  • Your car is too expensive to insure

What can you do if denied an insurance quote?

Although car insurance disputes can sometimes be resolved, others cannot. If you’re denied an insurance quote, you might want to apply for quotes with multiple companies. Each company uses its own specific method for evaluating applications, so some insurers might be willing to give you a quote even if others don’t. However, if you’re considered a high-risk driver, you can look into getting car insurance with a high-risk insurance company. They specifically work with drivers who have bad driving history. Of course, these insurers charge more than their counterparts.

You might also want to look into being added to a family member’s policy. If you can’t get a quote and can’t afford coverage from a high-risk insurance company, this could be the best option available for you.

Being as honest as possible with your insurer can prevent your coverage from being denied. Make the insurer aware of anything pertinent.