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Bicyclists must consider safety

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Freedom to travel inexpensively and in a way that promotes health motivates untold numbers of bicyclists in Florida to pedal their way to a destination. Getting somewhere safely is not always easy, and there are many vehicles on the road that aren’t entirely concerned with pedestrians or bicyclists. So, anyone riding a traditional or electric bicycle should be on the alert for cars as a safety precaution.

Helpful ideas about bicycle safety

No one can control a bike riding environment, which means a cyclist could hit potholes or debris on the ground. A cyclist might also deal with drivers suffering from distractions to intoxication. Being dressed in safety gear, such as helmets and kneepads, might reduce injuries after a mishap. Ensuring the bike works properly and has reflectors would be further examples of boosting safety.

Choosing to ride in bike lanes or even staying off roads during times with heavy traffic might. Staying in well-lit areas might be advisable as well.

Adding a headlight to a bike provides illumination during night cycling, and wearing a reflector vest could be a good idea. Bike safety does involve many actions on the cyclist’s part, but there are elements outside his or her control.

Being alert to vehicles

Following bicycle and traffic laws helps the cause of avoiding accidents. Bicyclists who ride on the wrong side of the road or travel at unsafe speeds put themselves at risk. Still, even the safest bicyclists may contend with a dangerous driver.

Driver negligence frequently contributes to pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Sometimes, a driver can make a simple mistake, such as not looking when opening a door. Cyclists have to be aware of such things to avoid collisions.

An investigation may determine who is at fault for an accident. The liable party could face legal action for negligent behavior.