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Ways for drivers to avoid motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Drivers of all types of vehicles, from small cars to commercial trucks, can avoid motorcycle accidents in Florida. Motorcycles are small and difficult to detect and move quickly, so drivers must know how to reduce the risks of colliding with them.

Check blind spots

Accidents with motorcyclists often occur while they fly past a car’s blind spot. Within those few seconds, a driver who does not check the blind spot will collide with the bike.

Evaluate the biker’s speed

Drivers often underestimate the speed that a motorcycle is going. A bike is often moving faster than they think they are. Drivers often think that their vehicles move faster than motorcycles, so they’re more likely to cut in front of speeding motorcycles. While stopping at an intersection, it’s ideal to assume that a motorcycle is moving faster than it looks.

Avoid sharing lanes

Some drivers think that motorcycles are so small that it’s safe to share a lane or pass through the same lane. A motorcyclist needs an entire lane to move around freely. Drivers must treat every motorcycle like it’s a regular-sized vehicle.

Drive defensively

Motorcyclists are known to perform daring maneuvers on the road from speeding to switching lanes quickly. Drivers must become aware of driving defensively to reduce the risks of motorcycle accidents. Most of all, they should slow down and maintain a long distance between their vehicle and the bike.

Be extra cautious around bikes

Motorcycle collisions are often fatal to the motorcyclist, but every one can be prevented. As a driver, consider the unique challenges that a motorcyclist faces. Drive for the safety of yourself and everyone else around you.