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Delivery trucks, accidents, and insurance claims

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2022 | Truck accidents |

Delivery and other commercial trucks travel throughout Florida, and these vehicles sometimes cause accidents. Drivers may attempt to reach their destinations on time or ahead of schedule, leading them to commit moving violations. Any driver who causes an accident due to negligence could face a civil suit. Insurance policies may provide a swifter conclusion to a liability claim, but insurance companies sometimes attempt to pay less.

Truck accidents and liability claims

When someone’s negligence causes an accident, they might be liable for any harm inflicted on people or property. Truck drivers could cause accidents by tailgating, speeding, or even double parking.

Truck accidents don’t always happen because the driver committed a moving violation. Issues with the cargo may result in someone’s injury or worse. The load might come loose from a delivery truck and hit another vehicle or a pedestrian, with predictable and terrible results. Even weight shifting could cause an accident, as operating the vehicle safely might become a challenge when cargo inside the trailer moves around and affects turns.

Liability coverage could pay for losses suffered by victims of negligence. Depending on the circumstances, a claim might go against the driver and their employer. Even a third party could face a claim. However, the insurance company might try to avoid paying.

Insurance company disagreements

Truck and car insurance disputes might arise for many reasons. If the insurance company contends the policyholder was not liable, the company may attempt to avoid paying. However, evidence could point to a clear case of negligence.

The insurance company may falsely claim the incident is not a covered peril. That action could lead to a bad-faith lawsuit by the policyholder.

The insurance company might intend to settle with a low offer. Intense negotiations may lead to a better offer.