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Speeding causes fatalities

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents may happen for many different reasons. Some causes are more common than others, such as speeding. Drivers might be in a rush to get to where they’re going, so they press down on the gas pedal and may dismiss posted Florida speed limits.

Speeding and its dangers

Often, drivers prone to speeding get away with their behavior without incident. While they might not receive a ticket or cause an accident for some time, the day may come when their luck runs out. Sadly, that day might cost someone their life.

Speeding had been trending downward for several years. However, in 2020, speeding-related fatalities increased. 2020 saw 10,136 crashes involving speeding. Worse, those crashes caused 11,258 people to lose their lives.

Atypical road conditions might have contributed to the increase in motor vehicle collisions in 2020. Fewer drivers took to the roads that year, and some took advantage of the open streets and highways. Perhaps they felt it was worth the risk to violate traffic laws.

Speeding and recklessness

Car accidents are often derived from the reckless nature of driving too fast. Stopping a car becomes more difficult, and a driver’s reaction time may also decrease. Preventing accidents frequently involves reacting properly and safely engaging on the brakes. Speeding undermines these steps.

Accidents caused by speeding could leave victims clinging to life. Others fair worse, as 2020 accident statistics reveal. Anyone hurt in a speeding or another moving violation-related accident might seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.