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Road conditions that increase the odds of a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It goes without saying that motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to damage and injury when an accident occurs. In a similar vein, motorcyclists can also be more susceptible to experiencing an accident when road conditions are poor due to the smaller and lighter frames of their vehicles.

Motorists of all types should exercise extreme caution during unfavorable road conditions. It is important for motorcyclists in particular to understand how certain conditions can contribute to the odds of an accident occurring.

Damaged pavement

Significant potholes, as well as minor cracks and uneven areas, can cause a motorcyclist to lose control or even fall from the bike. Motorcycles have less ability to ability to absorb the impact of running over damaged pavement and it can be difficult to maneuver around potholes at a moment’s notice.

Construction debris

Dirt, debris and other hazards commonly appear on the road when construction is ongoing nearby. For two-wheeled vehicles with less traction than their four-wheeled counterparts, these types of hazards can be especially dangerous.


Traction is also an issue for motorcycles during various weather events. Snow, ice, and water buildup as a result of poor street drainage all present the increased threat of an accident to drivers and motorcyclists alike.

While motorcycle riders can certainly act to protect themselves by practicing safe driving habits over poor road conditions, it is also crucial to remain aware of other motorists who might be exhibiting unsafe behaviors. Those who experience an accident due to the negligence of another individual acting recklessly during poor road conditions can seek compensation through legal action.