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Fighting for Insurance Claim Coverage

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Following an auto accident that damages personal property and results in an injury, policyholders expect their insurance companies to provide prompt, efficient, and professional claims management services. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners and others involved in motor vehicle accidents do not receive the claim resolution they expect. After dealing with the personal and financial tragedy often associated with a vehicle accident, no one wants to go through a stressful extended fight for insurance coverage.

Reasons for Insurance Coverage Denial

Once your auto insurance company has decided to deny your claim a letter explaining its reasoning and is sent via postal mail or, in some cases, email to the party filing the claim. There are several common reasons for denying a claim after an auto accident. The most common are:

  • The injured party is not covered under the vehicle owner’s policy;
  • Fraud is suspected by the insurance company;
  • No claim was filed by the at fault driver;
  • The person filing the claim was involved in multiple car accident claims;
  • An insurance policy has lapsed.

Although lapsed auto insurance is one of the most frequent reasons for claim denial, the number of insurance fraud cases in Florida has steadily increased. Several high profile fraud cases in Florida recently encouraged lawmakers to repeal the current no-fault law.

Impact of Insurance Coverage Denial

Although the initial shock of having an insurance claim denied is jarring, the long term implications are often overlooked. Without the approval of a claim, individuals involved in an accident cannot always afford to pay past medical expenses or pay for follow up treatments. If the person making the claim has missed work, failure to recover the lost income can cause immediate personal hardships.

If a personal injury insurance claim is denied it is not the end of the world. It is possible to successfully fight the decision of the insurer in order to receive the coverage you deserve. Florida law requires that only vehicle owners maintain no-fault car insurance coverage called personal injury protection coverage of $10,000, and property damage liability coverage of $10,000. This insurance is required in addition to whatever health insurance the vehicle owner has, but even with this coverage it is possible to have a claim denied.

Get Insurance Claim Denial Help Today

If you or someone you love has experienced a delay or denial of a valid insurance claim it may be possible to receive compensation. John Piccin and Katie Glynn are experienced Ocala lawyers, who have handled thousands of insurance company claims.  After an insurance company denied a $100,000 property damage claim when a billboard was destroyed by a crane company John and Katie were able to obtain a $525,000 settlement. They are able to help navigate the claims process and assist with insurance claim disputes. They are available to meet with you in your home or hospital. Contact the office today at 352-558-8480 to receive a free consultation and discuss your case.