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Top 5 Recalled Children’s Products for 2018

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Defective products present serious risks to anyone who comes into contact with them, but children are especially vulnerable to severe injuries. Due to age and inexperience, they may not be able to identify dangers and cannot appreciate how badly they can be hurt. Unfortunately, defective products end up on recall lists more often than you think. Safe Kids is an organization that is committed to providing accurate, timely lists of recalled products that affect children due to various hazards, including:

  • Design defects, which relate to a danger in developing the product;
  • Manufacturing defects that are present due to an error in the production process; and,
  • Failure to provide adequate warnings, which may occur when a product does not alert the user to hazards which are not readily apparent. The lack of a warning in itself may make the product defective.

You should discuss your circumstances with an experienced products liability attorney in Ocala, FL if your child was hurt by a defective product that is the subject of a recall. Meanwhile, a list of the top recalled children’s products of 2018 may help you keep your family safe. 

  1. January 2018, Infant’s Rattles: The manufacturer of child’s elephant-shaped rattles announced a recall of 280,000 units, as the company received reports of the ears breaking off. The risk of an infant swallowing and choking on the rattles prompted the action.
  1. March 2018, Smoke Alarms: Two models of smoke detectors were recalled by the maker due to a mistake in the manufacturing process. A yellow cap covered one of the two sensors in these dual-sensor smoke detectors, rendering them unable to detect smoke. Not just children, but entire households were at risk because the units would not issue an alarm. More than 450,000 of the devices was affected by the recall.
  1. May 2018, Art Kits: The maker of a children’s spin art and pottery wheel issued a recall of 373,000 units due to a defective battery compartment. Batteries within the units could potentially overheat and cause burns to children and other users.
  1. June 2018, Child’s Safety Helmets: Protective headgear is critical for children engaging in physical activities, and the federal government issues safety standards for manufacturers. A recent recall was announced by a helmet manufacturer because they did not comply with regulations. Around 10,000 units were subject to recall, including some used in school gym classes.
  1. July 2018, Sleepwear: The federal government also issues flammability standards for children’s clothing, intended to protect young ones in the event of a fire. A company that produces a line of children’s sleepwear recently issued a recall because the items did not meet the regulatory standards, and the pajamas presented a risk of burn injuries.

Talk to a Skilled Products Liability Lawyer for More Information on Recalls

If your child was injured due to a defective product, you do have rights regardless of whether the item was the subject of a recall. For more information, please contact Piccin & Glynn, Attorneys at Law by calling our Ocala, FL 352-558-8480 or visiting us online. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation with one of our experienced products liability lawyers.