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Reasons to Stay Off Social Media After a Florida Auto Accident

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Social media is a fact of life for Americans who use it to stay in touch with family and friends, review recent news stories, and promote their businesses. With more than 1 billion daily active users on Facebook and more than one-third of adults on YouTube, social media is now an essential component of daily routines. For this reason, victims of auto accidents in Florida should be very careful with their posts after suffering injuries. Comments, photos, and videos can come back to haunt you, as you put your rights to compensation at risk. A knowledgeable car accidents lawyer can tell you more about how to handle online communications, but here a few reasons to stay quiet on the details.

Filing a Claim with an Insurance Company: In most cases, you will seek compensation for your injuries from an insurer. Because Florida is a no-fault state for purposes of motor vehicle accidents, it may even be your own insurance company. With either a first- or third-party claim, you can expect the claims adjuster to conduct an in-depth investigation. Employees will meticulously scrutinize your forms and supporting paperwork, looking for a reason to deny or limit your claim.

Claims adjusters are not confined to just reviewing your documents, however. They will go online to see if any of your social media posts contradict your injuries.

Your Social Media History Tells Your Story: Many social media users do not realize that the internet is forever and it reveals much more about your personal life than you may expect. Your posts, images, and comments may:

  • Raise Doubts About Fault: You may be partially to blame in the car accident, but you should never reveal information about fault on social media. If a claims adjuster sees your posts, your claim may be rejected because the company puts responsibility for the incident on you.
  • Lead to Questions About Your Injuries: Those images of your bike ride or zip lining experience contradict your claim that you were bed-ridden after being injured in an accident. Insurance companies are looking for this type of information because they can use it to deny or limit your claim.
  • Reveal Your Location After an Accident: Victims who are truly hurt in a motor vehicle crash will typically stay close to home to recover from their injuries. Your posts can reveal your location, which may show that you are not following doctor’s orders.

Get Additional Tips from an Experienced Ocala, FL Car Accidents Attorney

 Over-sharing on social media is not the only way you could put your rights in jeopardy after an auto collision. Attempting to go it alone in filing a claim for compensation is another mistake some victims make. For more information on how your own conduct can affect your motor vehicle crash claim, please call Piccin & Glynn, Attorneys at Law, in Ocala, FL. We can schedule a free consultation to review your circumstances and explain your legal remedies. You can reach our office by calling 352-558-8480 or going online to set up an appointment.