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Top 4 Auto Recalls of 2018

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains an ongoing list of motor vehicle recalls, including details on the type of defect, number of affected units, and information on whether there were any casualties. Every January, it is always interesting to review the most unusual ones that occurred over the previous year. Auto defects are unique in that they can affect drivers and occupants in two different ways:

  1. They can increase the likelihood of an accident; and/or,
  2. They may present a risk of injury unrelated to a motor vehicle crash.

If you suffered injuries due to a dangerous vehicle, a personal injury lawyer can help, whether you need an attorney for a car accident or defective products claim. A summary of the Top 5 auto recalls in 2018 can serve as an example of the serious nature of defective vehicles and components.


  1. Volkswagen Tiguan: In September 2018, the automaker discovered that the decorative lighting on the panoramic sunroof on this SUV presented a fire hazard due to short-circuiting. The risk is especially concerning to Florida residents, as high humidity exacerbates the problem. Two incidents of fire were reported, though neither occurred while the Tiguan was in operation and no one was injured. Volkswagen immediately issued a recall and instructed owners on how to disconnect the light unit. The recall affected around 45,000 vehicles of the 2018 model year. 
  1. Ford Focus: A faulty valve in certain versions of the Focus manufactured from 2012-2018 could lead the vehicle to stall, which does not create a serious issue on its own. The problem is that the car may not restart, putting occupants at risk of accidents if the breakdown occurs on a busy highway. Ford Motors announced a recall of 1.4 million cars in March 2018, though no accidents or injuries have been reported. 
  1. Lincoln MKZ: More than 1.3 million vehicles were recalled in March 2018 after the automaker received reports of loosening of the steering wheel bolt. A driver would literally be left with no way to steer the vehicle, so the manufacturer issued an immediate, emergency recall for all 2014-2018 models. 
  1. Subaru Ascent: It is rare that an automaker will recall a vehicle and replace it with an entirely new model, but that is just what happened with Subaru Ascents manufactured during a week in July 2018. It was determined that a missing weld point behind the front door could interfere with the SUV, interfering with the structural integrity of the frame. In an accident, the Ascent could crumple and put occupants at grave risk of life-threatening injuries. Because dealers lack the equipment and know-how to fix the spot weld defect, owners were instructed to return the SUV for a new model.

An Ocala, FL Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist with Car Accidents and Defective Products

Filing a claim based upon a defect in an automobile is complicated, regardless of whether you were hurt from the dangerous condition itself or in an accident. For more information on your rights, please contact Piccin & Glynn, Attorneys at Law. You can call our Ocala, FL office at 352-558-8480 or go online to schedule free consultation about your case.