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How Does Bias Affect Your Rights as a Florida Motorcycle Accident Victim?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Law |


Despite the fact that most motorcycle riders strictly adhere to traffic laws and safety tips offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they still suffer from prejudice by other motorists on Florida roadways. Bias limits their thinking and impacts their behaviors, which could affect you if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident. While you can’t change everyone’s mind, you can take advantage of strategies to overcome these opinions – at least when it comes to your injury claim and legal rights. An Ocala motorcycle accident attorney will ensure you’re treated fairly, but read on for some information on what to expect when seeking compensation for your losses.

Why Bias Against Motorcycle Riders Persists: One source of unfavorable opinions is rooted in fact because of a motorcycle’s physical characteristics. These vehicles are narrower and lower in profile as compared to other cars on the road. When visibility is an issue, you can be sure that you’ll shoulder some of the blame because you’re harder to see. Still, other sources of bias are unreasonable and unfounded. For instance:

  • Some people hear the noise of a motorcycle and will incorrectly assume that the rider is accelerating at an unsafe, risky rate of speed.
  • Some people may see a motorcycle driver as a daredevil who takes unnecessary risks, and is likely to be the primary cause of a motorcycle accident. 

Minimizing the Effects of Bias in a Motorcycle Crash Claim: Regardless of preconceived notions about motorcyclists, these collisions are still subject to the basic concepts of personal injury law. They happen because of negligence, i.e., a failure to exercise reasonable care when operating a vehicle. When you can prove that this failure was the direct cause of the motorcycle accident, you can recover monetary damages for your losses.

As such, concrete, solid evidence is critical. Verifiable facts are the best way to fight any type of bias, including that which you face as a motorcycle crash victim. You’ll need: 

  • Pictures showing the skid marks of your motorcycle and the other vehicle;
  • Images revealing the location and extent of the vehicle damage;
  • Video footage from nearby businesses with security cameras, which may show the other driver’s negligent acts;
  • Witness testimony from occupants of other vehicles and bystanders;
  • Timing and distance for traffic signals, which can be used as proof of speed;
  • Medical records describing your injuries and physical limitations;
  • Your helmet, clothing, boots, gloves, and other equipment that may have been damaged. 

Overcome Bias with Help from an Ocala, FL Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When it seems like everyone else is against you due to bias in motorcycle collisions, you can be sure that your attorney will be on your side to get the compensation you deserve under Florida law. To learn more about your legal remedies as an injured victim, please call Piccin & Glynn, Attorneys at Law in Ocala, FL. You can set up a free, confidential consultation by calling 352-558-8480 or going online. A member of our team can explain your options after reviewing the details of your case.