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Could social media activity impact a car accident suit?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Car Accidents |

The unexpected nature of a car accident can make the incident shocking for crash victims. Many may worry most about their health and safety and not about legal issues related to the crash. Both the person at-fault and the innocent injured party could make critical mistakes after the accident. Doing so may lead to legal complexities in Florida civil or criminal courts. While staying calm after an accident could prove difficult, anyone involved in an accident may benefit from avoiding making common mistakes.

Mistakes come in different forms

Some people use social media to convey a problematic situation to friends and family or even business colleagues. However, some individuals may not realize that posting about their car accidents on social media accounts potentially becomes evidence. A person who discusses a car accident’s details may jeopardize an insurance claim or a pending court case.

Immediately accepting blame for an accident and apologizing could also cause significant problems. Defending a liability case could become quite complicated afterward as admissions of fault mean someone blamed him or herself. The person may not even be fully at fault. The other party could have contributed to the accident in some way.

Forgetting resources and making mistakes

Numerous resources provide reminders about what not to do after an accident. Insurance provider literature, for example, may point out several mistakes. So do “good driving” resources a state may maintain. Leaving the accident scene, not getting witness statements, failing to seek medical care when hurt and not contacting the police may be among the things a driver may forget to do.

Making errors in the aftermath of an accident could create problems for those trying to litigate a civil case or settle an insurance claim. Those involved in car accidents who are concerned about how to deal with a civil case may wish to consult an attorney.