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Is nighttime driving more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Car Accidents |

When the sun sets on Florida roads, drivers find themselves in low-light scenarios. Accidents may happen at any point in the day or evening, but night driving can bring additional concerns and risks as darkness makes seeing other drivers, pedestrians and even objects on the road harder.

Driving at night and dealing with risks

Visibility problems create several other potential issues for nighttime drivers. If you don’t see a stalled vehicle until the last minute, putting on the brakes, swerving out of the way or otherwise avoiding a crash might not be possible. Sometimes, such problems have fatal consequences.

Adults with many years of driving experience may deal with nighttime travels a little better than teenagers. Younger or more inexperienced drivers might not expect hazards associated with after-hours travel. For example, driving at night could mean dealing with intoxicated drivers on the road. Nighttime brings more people leaving bars, clubs and other social hotspots, increasing the chance of encountering a driver who is under the influence. Ultimately, drivers of any age or experience level benefit from driving safely and using care.

Making things more dangerous at night

Drivers who engage in risky or illegal road behavior could cause a nighttime crash. Speeding and passing vehicles on the shoulder aren’t safe practices at noon; driving so hazardously at 3 a.m. will increase the chances of a crash even more.

In addition, it’s important that a vehicle is in good shape for night drives. Broken headlights and taillights may put others on the road at risk.

Car accidents might happen if someone is negligent in some way, such as driving under the accident or neglecting essential vehicle maintenance. A personal injury attorney may help accident victims file an insurance claim or take other legal action against the party responsible.