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Stay safe and compliant knowing Florida motorcycle laws

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Driving a motorcycle always poses some risks in Ocala, Florida. If you follow the law, though, you can keep yourself safe and not get into an unfortunate accident.

Can I have a loud exhaust system?

The answer is no. No modification of an exhaust system is permissible to achieve greater loudness than what the motorcycle was originally equipped to produce. Nobody can use an exhaust system or a noise-reduction device that has been modified for the operation of a motor vehicle on state highways. On top of this, excessive smoke is expressly prohibited.

What are the constraints on handlebars?

Handlebars cannot be situated higher than the operator’s shoulders, according to Florida law statute 316.2095(2). This is because if the handlebars are too high, accidents are more likely to occur. Similarly, the handgrips cannot be higher than the operator’s shoulders when he or she is seated.

Do motorcycles need mirrors?

They are, in fact, essential. Each vehicle should be equipped with a mirror positioned to reflect the highway to the driver.

Do motorcycles need turn signals?

All motor vehicles must be fitted with turn signal lamps that fulfill the criteria of s. 316.234. These turn signals must be visible on the front and rear of the vehicle.

What are the rules on tags?

A motorcycle or moped license tag must be permanently attached to the vehicle in a visible location from the back and must stay in place. It is unlawful to purposely cover up the license tag of any motor vehicle. Some may choose to get the numbers and letters of the license plate mounted horizontally.

Do both the operator and passenger(s) need seats?

In most cases, the vehicle should have seats for both the passenger and the vehicle operator. Yet, in the case of mopeds and motorcycles, it only needs a seat for the operator, unless the motorcycle or moped is specifically intended for two.