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How improperly loaded trailers could lead to accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Truck accidents |

Commercial vehicle accidents in Florida happen for a wide variety of reasons. All accidents are not necessarily the fault of the truck driver either as how trailers are loaded can be highly problematic when loads shift while the truck is in transit. This can happen in container trailers as well as flatbeds, and it often happens due to the negligence of the contracting company or ineffective anchoring equipment assigned to the rig itself. This happens more often than many motorists realize, and it can be a major component of any truck accident injury claim.

Flatbed loading

Probably the most dangerous defective loading situation is when flatbed cargo has not been properly secured before a hauling project begins. It is easy for anchoring booms and chains to work loose while a truck is rolling down the road when they have not been secured tightly, which can easily result in commercial vehicle accidents. This can be viewed as driver negligence in some cases, but it is usually a problem created by the shipment contractor in charge of loading the cargo on the flatbed trailer.

Container loading problems

Shifted loads can also occur internally when a box container is being used to haul cargo. However, more often problems leading to commercial vehicle accidents involve box containers that are loaded unbalanced at the point of origin. Balancing weight is vital for all commercial trucks to avoid tipping. Additionally, containers can often be overloaded and run undetected when going to short or local destinations.

Commercial vehicle accidents are often unlike standard accidents when all factors are evaluated, and especially when vicarious liability can be placed on third-party contractors that have failed to load a container or flatbed properly. This possibility is often what makes these accident claims much more valuable when settlements are negotiated.