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Dooring and bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Riding a bicycle is a fun and healthy way for people to commute. Of course, bicyclists must share Florida roads with drivers of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. If everyone remains alert and concerned for each other’s safety, fewer accidents might happen. As police reports point out, bicyclists and others get hurt frequently in car accidents. Not all bike-car accidents involve collisions with moving vehicles. Many accidents result from “dooring” mishaps.

Dooring dangers on the road

Drivers can’t get out of their vehicles unless they open a door. The mundane task isn’t so boring that it doesn’t require care or attention, as a bicyclist might be traveling down the road simultaneously. When a driver opens the car’s door, and a bicyclist crashes into it, the incident is known as a “dooring” crash.

Dooring could result in far worse injuries than many people believe possible. A bicyclist might fall and break an arm or leg. Traumatic brain injuries or fatalities could result, so drivers should be careful when opening doors, especially when the vehicle is parked near a bike lane.

Negligence and dooring

The aftermath of car and bicycle accidents usually leads to investigations to determine fault. When a driver opens a door without looking, the driver might find him or herself liable for the accident. However, there are instances where the bicyclist might be at fault, such as when the bicyclist rides too far or while intoxicated.

Sometimes, both parties may share a level of blame, such as a driver opening a door negligently on the sidewalk side and a bicyclist is riding on the sidewalk illegally.

When someone is negligent, they open themselves to a personal injury lawsuit. However, an insurance settlement may protect the person from losses while providing the injured party with compensation.