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Why fatigued truck drivers are dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Truck accidents |

When any smaller vehicle collides with a large truck, the people in the car usually suffer more severe injuries. A growing problem in recent years is fatigued truck drivers. Mental exhaustion, poor sleep and long hours on the road can contribute to truck driver fatigue. These are a couple of the main dangers such drivers create on Florida roadways.

They can worsen nearby accidents

In comparison with a smaller car, a truck that is fully loaded takes about twice as long to stop. If a driver is tired, the individual is less likely to react quickly enough to avoid an accident scene. Truck drivers may hit both cars and people involved in accidents. When they do that, they can worsen injuries or vehicle damage.

Their slower reflexes can cause accidents

Slowed reflexes also make truck drivers more likely to cause accidents. For example, a tired truck driver may swerve over the middle line and sideswipe a passing car on a freeway. To provide another example, a sleepy truck driver may run a red light and hit a car going through the intersection. When tired, truck drivers may also go off the road into a ditch or over a steep incline. Although some truck accidents end with just the driver suffering from the consequences, most crashes involve other motorists.

The actions of a drowsy truck driver can impact one other driver or even many motorists if there is a pile-up accident. It is important for all drivers in the state to know what to do after an accident with a truck. Planning ahead of time can help people avoid unnecessary dangers and mistakes. When motorists encounter large trucks on the road, it is always good to exercise extra caution and assume that the drivers of those vehicles may be drowsy.