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Tips for safely sharing the road with cyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Car Accidents |

In 2021, 183 cyclists in Florida lost their life in the 1,013 cyclist-involved motor vehicle accidents. Not only is the number of cyclists on the road growing, but so are fatal accidents involving these individuals.

Therefore, you should learn about and implement some safety tips that help you share the road with a growing number of cyclists.

Eliminate distractions

Put away your cell phone or other electronic devices and turn down the radio. Also, avoid using headphones. If you need GPS, set it before you get on the road and avoid looking at it while you drive. Do not fiddle with the radio and get your mirrors set before you start driving. Make sure you can give the road as much attention as possible when you drive, especially in areas that cyclists frequent.

Pass responsibly

Cyclists do not move as fast as your vehicle, so you will likely pass them on your drives. You need to give these individuals space when you pass them. If you can, move into another lane or as far over in the lane as you can.

Learn hand signals

When you learned how to drive, you likely learned a few hand signals. Refresh your memory. Cyclists should use these to let drivers know what they plan to do when they stop, turn, change lanes, etc. You should know what to look for so you can respond accordingly.

Watch your doors

When you park on the street, you should always check your mirrors and blind spots before swinging your door into traffic and exiting your vehicle. Avoid swinging your door out in front of cyclists and other vehicles.

Cyclists have as much right to the road as you do. Protect them and yourself by learning how to safely share the road.