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Common Insurance Disputes and How a Florida Attorney Can Help

By John Piccin |

Insurance is a fundamental part of life for policyholders seeking to protect themselves, their assets, their health, and other valuable considerations. However, even if you uphold your end of the bargain by paying your premiums, insurance disputes can arise if the insurer fails to honor the policy terms. While the Florida Office of Insurance… Read More »


Bad Faith Insurance Claims: The Basics

By John Piccin |

Insurance companies in the United States are legally obligated to act in “good faith” when a claim is filed against one of their poly holders. Good faith is a legal term of art that, in a nutshell, means honoring the obligation to pay valid claims without attempting to escape this obligation to pay. Insurance… Read More »


Fighting for Insurance Claim Coverage

By John Piccin |

Following an auto accident that damages personal property and results in an injury, policyholders expect their insurance companies to provide prompt, efficient, and professional claims management services. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners and others involved in motor vehicle accidents do not receive the claim resolution they expect. After dealing with the personal and financial tragedy… Read More »

When Your Insurer Denies Your Claim for Coverage

By John Piccin |

Insurance policies are supposed to be a contingency plan for unexpected events, whether it is health insurance covering a surgery or car insurance covering an auto accident. In practice, however, many insurance companies are more concerned with saving money by denying claims and not paying out money for valid claims. President Obama himself submitted… Read More »

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