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Unique Complications in Florida Truck Accident Cases

By John Piccin |

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently released its 2015 crash facts for large trucks and the statistics reveal the shocking frequency of these deadly incidents. There were just over 4,300 fatal crashes, which represents an eight percent increase over 2014. Still, this figure is 18 percent lower than the highest year… Read More »

Semi Truck Accidents Likely to Cause Serious and Fatal Injuries

By John Piccin |

Big rig trucks are vital contributors to America’s economy. They transport goods from across the country every day, allowing citizens to purchase items that are both necessary and essential to their quality of life. These trucks use the same roadways as passenger vehicles, however, and the reality of congested highways and traffic jams can… Read More »

Defensive Driving: An Essential Practice for Avoiding Truck-Crash Fatalities

By John Piccin |

As stores seek to fill their shelves and shipping companies work to deliver their products this holiday season, the real strain will be put on delivery truck drivers. Such drivers will be pressed to work at a quicker pace. More importantly, pressures from employers and the lure of overtime pay will push commercial drivers… Read More »

Ocala Jackknife Accidents can be Caused by Negligence

By John Piccin |

A jackknife accident is a type of truck accident that occurs when the rear section, or trailer, of a semi-truck swings forward in an action resembling a folding knife. When jackknife accidents occur on Florida roadways, the consequences can be devastating. Often, the trailer of a truck that has jackknifed will travel perpendicularly to… Read More »

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